Toy Gun Pop Gun – Safe, Fun Cap Gun Alternative – Loud, Fun Pop – Classic, Durable Pop Gun – Toy Guns for Boys & Girls in Patriotic Blue Rifle– Pop Guns for Kids – Great for Indoor & Outdoor Play

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  • THE TYPICAL FAKE GUN TOY IS MADE WITH FLIMSY MATERIALS that fall apart fast and jam easily. Our toy shotgun is MADE OF WOOD AND DURABLE PLASTIC to withstand even the most rambunctious of kids. Use the pump action of our toy rifle to AUTOMATICALLY RELOAD its silicone stopper for fast, repeat popping in one smooth action. That means NO JAMMING OR TOUGH TO PRESS TRIGGERS. We believe there should be no barriers when it comes to fun with our replica gun!
  • AT MYPOPGUN, WE’VE BEEN MAKING THE BEST shotgun toy available for OVER 30 YEARS. We believe childhood should be full of IMAGINATION, EXPLORATION & ADVENTUROUS FUN. Our classic toy guns for kids were designed to do just that. Handmade in the USA, we offer SUPERB CUSTOMER SUPPORT & FREE REPLACEMENT PARTS if needed. Our gun for kids will quickly become a favorite your kids will never forget. If, for any reason, your child doesn’t love his toy musket, REACH OUT & WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT!
  • MANY TOY PROP GUNS AREN’T interactive so QUICKLY lose their fun. Our gun toy works right out of the box for instant play, NO BATTERIES REQUIRED and will CONTINUE TO ENTERTAIN your little one for years to come! Its crisp, SATISFYING POP WON’T STOP, yet is QUIET ENOUGH FOR INDOOR PLAY & loud enough for outside toys. That means NO OBNOXIOUS, NEVER-ENDING ELECTRONIC SOUNDS you’ll soon regret. The best part: kids absolutely love it — and so do adults! In fact, you may have to buy extras!
  • UNLIKE TOY REVOLVER CAP GUNS WITH PROJECTILES that get lost or break stuff, our cap gun rifle has a SAFE SILICONE STOPPER ATTACHED TO A SHORT STRING. Your little ones won’t have to run around trying to collect their stoppers, only to eventually lose them all. NO CAP GUN REFILLS NEEDED! Our pop guns for kids is SAFE AND DURABLE for fun you won’t have to worry about. With NO SMALL PARTS, our fake guns are perfect for KIDS AGES 3 AND UP!
  • OUR POP CAP GUNS FOR KIDS FOSTER IMAGINATION & coordination and encourage kids to PLAY OUTDOORS INSTEAD OF ON ELECTRONICS. Its classic patriotic blue makes for GREAT BOYS TOYS and GIRL TOYS – much more versatile & less foreboding than toy guns that look real or a bulky toy machine gun. Whether your kids want to be cowboys & cowgirls, protect the yard from dinosaurs, or have the coolest Halloween costume, our pop gun is the perfect girls toys & boys toys cap gun pistol.

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This Blue Rifle Toy Pop Gun is Hand Made in The U.S.A. The typical rubber gun toy pistol is made of cheap materials that jam and falls apart fast. Our toy Pop Guns combines wood with a durable plastic barrel to keep up with even the most spirited kiddos. Pump action automatically reloads, so no chasing any shooting Projectile. The silicone stopper for fast, repeat popping in one smooth action No jamming or tough, sticky triggers. We believe there should be no barriers when it comes to fun with our plastic gun!; Many fake pistol toys with flashy lights quickly fail. Our Toy Guns gun works right out of the box for instant play and no batteries required. This Toy Gun is Quiet enough for indoor play but loud enough for kids outdoor toys. Its fun pop won’t stop! No obnoxious, never-ending gun stuff sounds. Kids absolutely love it—and so do adults Our gun toys for boys and girls fosters imagination encourages kids to get out and play, taking a break from the tv. It’s the perfect cowboy gun, weapon against the dinosaurs, a great accessory for the coolest Halloween costume. More fun than plain old realistic toy guns like a toy sniper rifle or toy pistols. Unlike a potato gun or toilet paper gun with shoots projectiles that make a mess the safe silicone stopper is on a short string, so it never goes missing. No fake bullets needed. The perfect rubber bullet gun alternative. Our kid’s Toy Pop Gun prop is safe and durable for worry-free fun our toy tommy gun is intended for kids ages 3 and up At MyPopGun, we’ve been making the best kids toy Pop Guns for boys and girls for over 30 years.

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